Post Construction Cleaning


*  Appropriate cleaners and clothes are used to provide a flawless finish. We safely remove stickers, paint splatter and over spray, silicone, glue, and grout hase from all surfaces.

*  All garbage is removed. Any remaining tools or materials are safely placed in a closet, drawer, in the basement or garage. Where it is most likely to be easily located.


  • Kitchens, Pantries, and Bars - Cabinets and drawers vacuumed out prior to cleaning (drawers removed for thorough cleaning and returned to proper places unless requested not to), kick plates, range hood, back splash, appliances, counter tops, ceiling lights, chandeliers and sinks.
  • Bathrooms - Tubs, jacuzzies, showers, taps, vanities, mirrors, shelving, lights, and toilets.
  • Laundry Room - All cabinetry, sink, taps, appliances.
  • Furnace Room - Vacuumed and wiped down thoroughly including but not limited to the furnace, water softener, braker box, pipes, hoses and taps. 
  • Interior windows - Glass, screens, casings, and trims. 
  • Fireplace - Masonry work is vacuumed and wiped down. Mantel and carpentry surrounding. Screen is removed and cleaned. All surfaces of the fireplace are cleaned including on top and underneath. The glass on both sides cleaned safely. 
  • Walls - Dusted when required, finger prints and spills spot washed.
  • Baseboards - Vacuumed or dusted when required prior to hand wash throughout the entire house.
  • Closets and Doors - Vacuumed or dusted if required prior to washing the shelves, casings, and doors by hand.
  • Railings - Vacuumed or dusted if required prior to hand washing.
  • Light fixtures and Ceiling Fans - all surfaces washed, bulbs and glass are removed to clean when required. 
  • Switches and Plugs - washed and paint removed if required.
  • Vents - vacuumed as far as hose will reach and washed by hand.
  • Front, Back/Deck, and Garage doors - casings, doors, glass, hinges, and kick plates cleaned on both sides. 
  • Floors - All floors are vacuumed and washed throughout using appropriate equipment, method and cleaner for floor type. 
  • Garages and Unfinished Basements upon request - Windows, floors (scraping drywall mud, pigeon droppings),  vacuuming, man doors, car doors, furnaces areas and breaker boxes.



  • All garbage removed.
  • Windows - cleaned as per on a final clean.
  • Walls and boards dusted.
  •  Switches and plugs wiped.
  • All counters wiped.
  • Tubs and showers vacuumed out. Cleaned upon request.
  • Floors vacuumed and cleaned. 
  • Furnace room vacuumed out.



  • We follow a checklist to ensure that the house in its entirety is thoroughly cleaned and ready for possession.

* We use the Karcher wet/dry vacuum cleaner. It is equipped with the patented Tact system for fully automated filter cleaning.

* Scrap outs are not limited to these guidelines and can be scheduled at any time.


Stage 1 - Preparation for electrical and insulation.

  • Remove all debris 
  • Sweep all floors and shopvac stairwells, floors and floor bottoms.

Stage 2 -  Preparation for drywall. 

  • Remove all debris
  • Sweep and/or shopvac all floors, stairwells, and surfaces as required.

Stage 3 - Preparation for finishing carpentry

  • Remove all debris.
  • Vacuum power outlets and vents.
  • Cut poly around wall edges.
  • Scrape drywall mud from floors.
  • Sweep and/or shopvac all floors, stairwells and surfaces. 

Stage 4 -  Preparation for paint

  • Remove all debris. 
  • Vacuum power outlets and vents 
  • Vacuum and dust windows and door casings along with all shelving and railings. 
  • Spot dust walls where required.
  • Sweep and/or shopvac all floors, stairwells and surfaces where required.

Stage 5 -  Preparation for flooring.

  • Remove all debris
  • Scrape drywall mud from floors
  • Sweep and/or shopvac all floors, stairwells and surfaces where required.