Free Random Draw for residents of the district areas we are currently serving. The City of Regina, the towns and districts of Pilot Butte, White City, Emerald Park, Qu’Appelle, Indian Head, Katepwa Lake, and Fort Qu’Appelle.

We are so excited about the launch of our new website that we are having a draw for a free cleaning in your home. You do not need to be a client to enter nor will you be required to become a future client. There is no purchase required to enter this draw!

All you need to do is click on free draw button below, enter your contact information, and answer the skill testing question. All contact information is kept private and secure and will only be used for this draw. It will not be used for future marketing purposes. If you would like to receive future promotional notifications and announcements click the tab below. We would love to keep you informed!

What does this prize include? It entitles you to 4 free maid hours of cleaning valued at $180.00. We will send you a checklist directly to your email where you can customize your prize clean! Do you want a detailed kitchen clean with interior appliances included. Perhaps you want a break from cleaning your kitchen surfaces, bathrooms and floors! How you want to use your free hours of cleaning is completely up to you!

Yes, this prize can be used as a gift certificate should you choose to help out a friend or family member who deserves a little break!

Draw will be made  February 28th 2020 at which time the lucky winner will be notified and the winner will be announced right here on the announcements page!

*Must be 18 years of age to enter.

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Free Draw

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our services to include Qu'Appelle, Indian Head, Katepwa Lake, and Fort Qu'Appelle. With this expansion we are currently accepting applications to find respective Team Maids to service these areas

Click here to apply to be a part of our team

Meet our New Team Maids!

Before I introduce our new team maids, I would like to take the time to give recognition to Ashley Cassell

Ashley Cassell

Regina Sk.

Katepwa Lake Post Construction Cleaning   Katepwa Lake Post Construction Cleaning

Ashley joined our team in the summer of 2011. I remember the interview like it was yesterday. Over the years Ashley and I have been able to share so many precious moments and mile stones. Ashley gave us 4 years of full-time employee service prior to taking a year of maternity leave. During this time, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, she also got married to her long-time sweetheart, and got her certificate for office administration! It was a very eventful year for Ashley! When Ashley returned from maternity leave, she continued to work full time with us while searching for her ideal job opportunity that would allow her to apply her studies. Within a year Ashley found her career home at City of Regina in her field of study. We are privileged to still have Ashley with us. She comes in on her edo’s, evenings, and on weekends to pick up shifts, train new employees, and to help us get the jobs done when required. I would say Ashley is best known for going after whatever she sets her sights on, always seeing it through to completion. She is fun, honest, dedicated, and has consistent work ethics. I feel very blessed and have so much gratitude towards Ashley. Thank-you Ashley for your dedication and friendship!

Kat Bell

Katepwa Lake Post Construction Cleaning

Kat has been a part of our Done Deal Cleaning team for a few months already and I am excited to welcome her on this format! Kat has many years of experience in post construction cleaning and is very thorough with her cleans, she has a keen eye for detail. Kat keeps a steady pace and has a very calm demeanor. She also has quick wit and will surprise you with one liners that will have you gut laughing. I would say Kat is best known for her ability to keep a scheduled calendar readily available in her memory. It is truly remarkable. Kat is not only active with Done Deal Cleaning she is also a mother, a fiancé, and a student. She claims that it is her attention to details that make it possible for her keep everything in balance. It has been a great first few months! I am so pleased to be able to welcome you Kat!

Tami Kruszelnicki
Regina, Sk.

Tami and I have collaborated together a number of times throughout our cleaning careers and in the process became great friends. I am so excited that we have decided to be Team Maids! Tami has over 20 years of cleaning experience and has a true passion for cleaning and the cleaning industry. She is driven to grow and expand as an individual and as a team. Tami likes to be productive and active in her daily life. If she is not working you will likely find her boxing at the gym! I would say Tami is best known for her laughter. She has the best laugh! Tami has such a positive attitude and outlook on life. She has built many strong relationships in her cleaning career. Her customer care is second to none. I welcome Tami with great enthusiasm, I am so excited for us to be working together as a team!